Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Couple More Button Necklaces

I got on a roll covering buttons the other day and had these three large buttons left over. Rather than have them compete with each other on a large statement necklace I decided to let them each stand on their own.

Cutting a piece of variegated yarn that matched the fabric pattern, I tied the ends in a knot and slipped it through the button shank and looped it through it's self.

I like the yarn for a different look, it has a bit more of a boho feel to it.


Mortadella said...

Being the happy recipient of one, I can say that these came off so very well!

MAGS said...

These look pretty cute. And it seems like a pretty simple project. :)

MAGS said...

These look really cute and simple to make! I really like this project. :)