Monday, May 02, 2011

Bandana Bibs & Binky Holders

Bibs and Pacifier Straps

With my best friend having her second baby and my cousin having her first I've been looking around for some new baby projects. Using some more fabric I picked up on my LASSgo as inspiration I tried to find some fun fat quarter projects.


I found this geat Bandana Bib pattern by Dessert Rose Design. It was such a quick and easy pattern, heck the hardest part was putting the snaps in! I wish I had a baby to model it for the photos.


I also made matching binky holders, pacifier straps, or whatever you wanna call them. I didn't use a pattern for these, rather I just looked at several on the web and gathered together my favorite details to make my own. Using the matching cotton and fleece that the bibs are made out of, I made a tube casing, attached a suspender clip at one end, and rather than sew on a pacifier that might wear out (do they wear out?) or put in a snap that might not be big enough for some pacifiers, I used a bit of elastic to attach the pacifier later.


jumi said...

cool blogg!

Wahoo said...

Those are neat, girl! I like that familiar-looking fabric! ;-)